Support in life

It is a most powerful word in our life. From the day we born to the day we die support is really a need for a successful life. Support will be not only in the form of human being it may be anything. Even a ladder is a supporting tool to step up. Our body parts function by supporting one another and making us to live as a complete human being.

Does support is that much important in one’s life?. Definitely yes, in any stage of our life span we need some support. when we are born, we are growing with our parents support. Then we are learning with our teachers support. Then we are growing with our partners/colleagues/customers/friends/family members support. Then after retirement we are living with our son/daughter support. Like wise support is considered as important in every stage of life.

Whether we support one other?. Some will and some won’t. Actually we should be a supporter for someone who needs. Myself and my wife were working in a bank. Both of us will have to handle lots of pressure but we overcome that by supporting each other. The little bit of support from one person will make the other one to step forward confidently. Support is not only by helping financially. Even a encouraging words for the one who was sad is also a support.

Support is a biggest support for a success. If you failed to support someone that means you are longer has the right to live as a human being in this world. Not only human being every thing in this world operates with some support. Even the handle support the door to open or close, then why we can’t do.

Let us support one another atleast to the maximum extent we can. I’m not only meaning the financial support it can either be a emotional support. We can support by teaching others , by encouraging others, guiding others and by uplifting others.

Scoring in life

Scoring is done from the minute we born. Yes, if we born first then we are called as first baby (தல பிள்ளை). They are given more importance than next baby. Then it continues in schooling, in college, in work and everywhere scoring plays a role in life.

Whether Scoring decides our life. No it’s not. Scoring won’t decide where we have to be in life but only the situation decides. Even though we score high in school or college that won’t give you the right job but only the situation decides the job where you have to fit in.

In games, scoring decides the winner but not the same in life. In life scoring won’t decide our success always but our situation will, the lesson we learn will, the struggle we faced will and the people we face will together decide our success.

Whether Scoring system is good in life. No, not always. It won’t make us to understand what life is but it only making us to compete the other one without understanding. Only the way we live or the lesson we learn in life makes us success.

Everyone who score good is not a successful and one who is successful is not always a good scorer. Scoring won’t decide our life. Let’s forget to score ourselves and others.

Encouragement really means a lot in life

Encouragement is the most important thing in life. It’s act as a booster to one’s life. Everyone in thier life needs or expects encouragement in order to motivate themselves to attain the goal. Even a small comments or like for someone’s content will keep them encouraged. Seeing this ❤️ , instead of this 😲 , instead of this 👍 in the facebook Posts makes us to feel different.

Whether we encourage ourselves?. Most of us won’t and most of the time we won’t. When any obstacles come in life, instead of sitting and overthinking about it. We have to encourage ourselves to overcome the challenges in life. When we learn the art of encouraging, then we will be a life changer for us and also for others.

Children actually needs lot of encouragement throughout their life. Even for thier small act they expect our encouragement. Even our cute little baby get’s more entertained because of our encouragement. Even if we don’t like their childish play. Our encouragement makes them to act or perform better and better.

We should actually try to encourage others a lot. Because that makes them to be motivated and to be successful in their careers. But whether we are encouraging others. No, most of us actually won’t. What we do is, We draw a line and push them to cross the line. In studies, in career, in job, in life and whatever it may be. We are pushing them to do and getting the job done.

Nowadays we can’t expect encouragement from other’s all the time in the busy running target based world. If we try to encourage ourselves as well as others, then life would become more delightful and successful than ever. Let’s try to be more encouraged.

“இவ்வளவு பெரிய உலகமே இத்தனுன்டு பாராட்டுக்குதானே ஏங்கி கிடக்கிறது.”

Colour Black and Life

Why I particularly chosen the colour black because it plays important role in our life. Most of the people used to avoid/dislike the colour black because of negative thoughts created over the decades. Most of us dislike black because it resemble evil. Most of community teach people wrongly from their childhood that black seems to be ugliest colour. According to me black is just one of the colour which plays most important role in our life.

If we are presenting black colour dress to someone. People used to say first time you are presenting then why colour black. We should not give that colour because of negative thoughts about colour. Even my mom used to say that. But according to me black is to be seen as a colour.

According to survey, when it comes to clothing nearly 40% of female’s prefer black colour as number one choice compared to only 16% of males, who ranked it as their fourth favorite clothing color.

Most of the gods idol we worship is in black colour only. The gigantic animal in the forest elephant is in black colour only. The most intelligent and famous bird crow is in black colour only. Like that we can say lot of things which are in black colour important in life.

When we are going for a important function and suddenly a black cat crosses us. Then can you guess, what we used to say. Simply we used to blame that time is not good and we will move only after some time. It is just a unfortunate incident and we should not blame the colour.

Even the moon is so beautiful because of black sky. Just imagine how moon will be in a white sky. The dark clouds only gives rain for us not the white clouds. The black retina in white eye is used to see and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The dark black hair over the head makes us youngest and when it become white then we are called as Old. When television was invented black and white were the important colours later only other colours came. Students have been thaught only in black board.

Colour black play’s an important role in a life. Let’s see black as one of the colour by keeping our negative thoughts apart. Black the beauty of god’s creation.

Happiness in life

The most important word in life which gives strength to us is happiness. Being happier will increases our life span. State of being happier makes us to love ourselves. The word happiness put lot of questions in my mind.

How can we be happy?. It’s very simple by doing whatever we love to do. For example, I was very much craze of riding bike and want to own a bike in college days but unfortunately I was not able to own it. But after I got job owned a bike by availing a loan. My first ride itself from Madurai to arumuganeri (Approx 200kms). That long road trip in my new owned bike with slight drizzling made me much happier than ever. Similarly we can say lot of incidents in each of our life.

Whether happiness only be a part of life?. Definitely no. Life is a combination of happiness, sadness and other emotions. But we can minimise all other emotions only by being happier. So let us try to be more happier.

Whether only our happiness is important?. No, We should also try to make our parents, life partner, children’s, family and all our surroundings happier. In fact spreading happiness is most important than being happier. In most of cases even a caring word brings happiness in other person. Even we can spread happiness by fulfilling the other person’s dream and by helping them in their difficult situation.

Whether someone’s happiness affect other’s?. It’s based on the situation and behaviour of the other person. If the situation of the other person is not good then we should avoid our state of hapiness to the maximum extent because it may bring more sadness in them. In fact we should try to make them happier that too based on situation. If the behaviour of the other person is mainly spoiling our happiness means then nothing wrong in being more and more happier.

Will our happiness makes other person happier too?. Definitely yes, for example if we are arranging for a small birthday party of our son or daughter. In that function not only ourself will be happier. Our birthday baby will be, our parents will be, our family members will be, person came to function will be, person decorated the stage will be, Photographer will be, person who is serving lunch will be and in fact everyone in that function will be.

So happiness is not only important to increase our life span. It also important to people around us. So let all of us be happier and also spread happiness in others life. Hope you liked it.

Whether giving punishment is always right?.

Yes, it’s a most important question always raising in my mind. I was too much thinking whether I have to discuss this. At last I decided why not.

Punishing someone who done wrong which is clearly known is right but punishing the right person because of their authority is always wrong. People’s always take their own superiority while punishing someone without even thinking of their past. Even some of the punishment will be too silly.

Let me explain with my own example , incident happened to me in school days. Weekly two days there will be sports period as a last hour. In that particular day we used to bring our bags from classroom and we used to rush to bus once the bell rings. One of class teacher noticed me and said you are so eager to go home. Without enquiring me the actual reason, she gave me a silly punishment. The punishment is after classes over I have to go staff room for asking her permission to leave. I done this for few days but one fine day I have wait for long time. This teacher is coming slowly after going to rest room and asking are you waited for long. I got anger but can’t able to show it.

My wife also gone through the similar type of incident in her school days. This may be a silly punishment. While looking into it you can clearly understand people are taking authority over it. They are trying showcase their power over others without understanding the exact situation.

Likewise I was recently punished for no reason. They are saying I have done a mistake and so the punishment was. According to me I didn’t done anything. Mistakes will happen but punishment is not always a lesson. Still my mind was not ready to accept the punishment but the present situation making me to accept. Even though most of day and night it is disturbing me. Why it is only to me. Here also people taking authority without seeing my past experience.

According to me punishing a wrong person is right but that too after rightly prooved. Punishing the right person because of their authority over it always wrong. What do you think?.

Expectations in Life

Expectations are most common thing in human life.. Expectation will sometimes lead to achieve one’s goal.. Sometimes it will be life spoiler..

Everyone will expect something from other’s. When our expectations come true then our mind will be happier than ever. Another important question is whether our expectations will come true all the times?. No.. But we should train our mind to accept both the results.

Not only human’s, every living being will have their own expectations. We should understand everyone’s expectations to our maximum extent and try to fulfill them. For example, my friend used to call me in weekends and talk with me for an hour expecting that I will try to relieve some of his stress or burden in his mind.

Conclusion is we should expect and at the same time we should also try to understand others expectations. If our expectations didn’t happen then we shouldn’t be rely over it. Life should move on. We should limit ourselves for a happier and successful life ahead.

Hope you like it. Don’t forget to share it because I expect. Post your comments or suggestions which will lead to improve myself. Suggest me a topic to blog it.